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Making Fitness


Offering a variety of new and fun home workouts such as: full body with free weights, core focused, stretching, monthly challenges, and travel friendly weight-free workouts.

Monthly Memberships: $30 / Annual Memberships: $300.



I understand when you start learning the basics of fitness, it's hard to figure it out by yourself. These workouts are great for those that have never worked out before, and those that are seasoned in exercising. They are designed to provide you with effective results in an efficient manner while teaching proper form. The workouts range in time from 10 - 28 minutes, so find what works for your day and go with it!

I concentrate on different types of workouts and make constant changes to keep things interesting. New full body workouts using free weights and a resistance band will be posted online five days per week. This will keep your workout fresh and fun! Your body will always be challenged by doing different moves each day, thus getting you into the best shape of your life!


"I started Fit to the Core with Amber in November 2021 and it's the first workout program I have consistently stuck with. I had been wanting to get into more full body workouts with weights and this program was perfect. I had a goal when I started out to try to make myself do 2 workouts a week and now I am up to 4 and sometimes 5 a week because they have become so addicting. The workouts are always different everyday and work different areas of your body. When I started in November I was only able to use the 5 and 8 lb weights for the workouts. I am now up to 10 and 15 lb weights. I feel great and enjoy working out for the first time in my life! I would highly recommend this program." - Jill T. - age 39   Feb. 7, 2022

Beginner to Intermediate Level

My approach is flexible and can be personalized according to your unique needs, goals and lifestyle. You set the tone by choosing the weight sizes to use so you can workout at a level that is comfortable, still while pushing your body to get stronger!

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Giving Back

Throughout your fitness journey with me we will be giving back to others! By donating 10% of all profits, together we can help serve the community. Stay tuned as I announce what charities we will be donating to. Hint...I am a big fan of Catholic Charities!