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  10. Remember your un and pw to log back in. 
  11. If you need instructions on how to watch the video on another device, please see "How do I watch the workout videos?" under the FAQ's. 

It's simple. Depending on the device you're logging in from, there are two ways to get to your videos:

1. Login & then go to the "My Accounts" page. Once there, you can scroll down and see the "Videos" link. Click that link and you're in!

2. Once you sign up, simply login to your membership page on this site and your videos will pop up! You can either watch from that device you logged in on, or link the videos to another device, such as your tv, to watch on a larger screen. 

How to watch from your tv:

  1. Login to your membership page on this site. 
  2. Select the video you wish to watch.
  3. On your tv, select your YouTube app. 
  4. Once on YouTube, if your device has already linked up, you can simply click your "Connect to a device" icon to select your tv. (This looks like a box with a rainbow in the corner.)
  5. If your device has not linked up to your tv yet, at this point you can select "Link with TV code."
  6. On your tv, once in the YouTube app, select "Settings."
  7. Once in Settings, you will click on "Link with TV code." This will pop up a code. 
  8. Insert the code from your tv, into the device your video is on. This should link up your devices and your video should then play. 

In the full-body workouts we'll use free weights and a resistance band to complete the 28 minute workouts. That's really it! I incorporate a few upbeat moves to shape up our cardiovascular health as well!

I also throw in 1 weight-free full body workout each week. These workouts are done with your own body weight. 

In the core workouts we will typically just use our bodyweight. If I throw in a weighted or resistance move, you should be just fine without weights or a band for that same move if you wish. 

My stretching workouts are simple as well. No weights needed. 

The monthly challenges will vary. Sometimes they will require free weights, and other times we'll just focus on a challenge with our bodyweight. 

To keep things fresh and fun, I upload new full body workout videos 5 days/wk. I start with a full body video on Sunday night, then continue each evening through Thursday to get to the 5 videos. You will also see the weight-free full body, core & stretching videos first thing Monday morning. Those 3 videos will serve as the sole videos for those categories during that particular week. As the week builds, you'll continually see new full body workouts being posted until I've reach 5 with weighs. At that point, all the videos will remain online until Sunday evening when I wipe the slate clean and start the uploads for the next week. No worries as there will not be a time where videos are not available. You will always be able to log in and do a full body, core or stretching video, no matter what time or day! 

Not much! Grab a few free weights, a resistance band, a bottle of water, a device to watch your video on and a comfy spot! That's really it!  

Most likely! My goal is to get you in the best shape of your life! The Personal Trainer in me  understands the importance of elevating our heart rates for optimal health benefits. While cardio work is not our main focus with these workouts, a little is incorporated in each full-body routine. 

Kudos to you!!! Just grab your phone/tablet/laptop and login to watch a video! If you're wanting to use the hotel gym, you may be able to do the full-body workout with weights; however, if you'd rather stay in your hotel room just watch the full-body workout that notes resistance band only. If you threw your resistance band in your bag then you're golden, and if you didn't, you're still golden! These workouts can also be done without a resistance band in most cases. (Tip: I always check for hotels that have the proper gym equipment when I'm booking a reservation.) 

My core-focused and stretching workouts will usually be weight-free, so those can be done right in your hotel room as well! 

Depends! You will be sore when you start a new workout routine, that's just part of it. Your muscles will eventually become accustomed to your workouts until you push them to new limits, yet again. Don't worry though, this is all part of the process.

On the other hand, if you feel your soreness is related to an injury, please seek medical attention.

My best advice here is to stretch after every workout and be sure you're doing the moves properly! These two things can prevent most injuries. 

I recommend these workouts for any one over the age of 13! As always, please seek your doctor's advice before beginning a new workout program. 

Did you know strength training can help with your freedom? The stronger you are, the better able you are to take care of yourself. As we age, we get weaker. That weakness can lead to fear, but with the proper training, you will get stronger and gain confidence in your daily life!

Nope! We lift weights, we work on our upper body, core and legs! All the moves are appropriate for both females and males! 

YES!!! I've got two precious kiddos! I had one naturally and the other c-section. I'm in the best shape of my life, and you can be too!

This depends on your body and what your doctor approves. Each of our bodies and pregnancies are different, so please consult your doctor before beginning this exercise program. 

Please note, we incorporate core moves into each full-body workout; so those moves should only be done under a doctor's guidance. 

You must notify me by email, amber@fittothecorewithamber.com, more than 14 days prior to your membership agreement expiration. Your email must state that you wish to cancel your membership. 

Annual memberships can only be canceled at the end of their membership agreement. For example, if your membership starts in April, you may not cancel until the following year in March. 

All sales are final. 

Here's my take on eating healthy. If you can grow it or kill it, you can eat it! Pretty simple. Does this mean you have to give up sweets and processed food all together? No. I want you to be able to enjoy your favorite dessert, snack, meal or drink every once in a while, but just be mindful of how often you are indulging in those choices. You are what you eat and drink, so making smart, healthy choices will help you become the best version of yourself in more ways than just your body image. 

One tip is to write down everything you eat for a week. Then go back and see where you can improve the next week, and just keep going. 

Another thought, if it helps to track your food and drink intake in a system, go for it! Sometimes just seeing how many calories you take in can help to get an idea of where to improve. 

I count my macros & calories. It's a fun way of saying I balance my fat, carbs & protein. Since I'm building muscle and wanting to be lean, I aim for those three categories to be as close to the same % as possible each day. (Roughly 33% for each.) There are apps that will help you track your food intake & count your macros, and some will even keep count of your calories & workouts which I think are bonus points!

I can promise you this, when you eat healthy, your body is better equipped to workout. If you're struggling with the workouts, take a good look at your diet. Your body needs good fuel to work at it's maximum potential! 

*If you have a health condition that limits your diet, please continue with your doctor's recommended diet for your needs.

I love that you want to share your love of working out with others! At Fit to the Core with Amber, your membership agreement is for you only and all others who wish to join in your workout session will need to purchase a membership as well. 

The best way to see results is to work hard and eat right! Every person is unique, but if you stick to the program and workout 5 days/week, and eat healthy, you should start noticing results quickly!

Take a before picture, and then take pictures every 2-4 weeks. Before you know it, you'll see & feel the difference! If you can give me your best for 1 month, I am certain you will look and feel better and be on your way to the best version of yourself! 

Well, not overnight! 🙂 After doing this program you may find that your biceps, for instance, are as defined as you like. That's great! But they won't stay in that ideal shape if you stop working out. You'll want to continue doing the workouts, but not continue pushing yourself with heavier weights than you currently use.